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Quality policy

Production. Logistic. Machining.

Being aware of the continuous technology evolution in the die-casting of non ferrous metals, and of the market and Customer specific needs, Serotti&Ghidini Srl wishes to consolidate and to develop its affirmation in this field through a continuous improvement.

Serotti&Ghidini Srl identifies the main cornerstones of its quality policy as follows :


Which means:
  • conformity to the mandatory requirements
  • product reliability
  • customer satisfaction obtainment.


The employees implementation, training and also its motivation, the availability of adequate resources (plants and toolings, control and measurement equipment and also the selection of qualified suppliers) represent the strength of Serotti&Ghidini Srl to reach the quality goals.


The company CEO, supported by the leaders of the main business functions, defines the quality goals, which are regularly reviewed to verify the actuality and effectiveness, for the purpose of:
continuous improvement,
review of its own Quality Policy, which represents the reference framework of the quality goals.

The Quality goals can only be reached with the cooperation of all the company resources, by pursuing the consistency between those of each area and the global ones, developing and making a continuous risk analysis with the method RISK BASED THINKING.

The incessant improvement can be reached by:
  • suppliers research and qualification
  • partnership development with the suppliers, aimed at the products improvement
  • the efficient and effective processes, organization, expertise and culture management
  • the non conformity reduction, the defects erase and the cost reduction
which allow the take-over of bigger market areas and also the customer loyalty.


According to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, it is the necessary instrument to guarantee the Quality goals achievement. It describes and defines ORGANIZATION AND RESOURCES, PROCEDURES AND STANDARDS; RESPONSABILITIES, and it is periodically examined by the Management to check its continuous suitability and the possibility of improvement.